Friday, December 11, 2009

My day with tech support

Today was not the best day recently. Not only did I get an email informing me that I did not get a job I was hoping to get, but I spent a large portion of my day fighting with my mother's home network.

When I could not return modem connectivity after reinstalling my mom's operating system I was forced to called Verizon Online tech support to see if I could get the issue sorted out.

Now, say what you will about tech support, outsourcing, and the like... I have had nothing but steller experiences with Verizon OL's tech support (their wireless is another story). Today I spent over three continuous hours on a single call with a tech rep who troubleshooted my connection, my modem, my router, my operating system settings, then doing it all over and over again. More interesting though, is the fact that I get this friendly and very capable service every time I deal with this company's tech people.

So, hats off to you Verizon tech support, and recruiters out there should probably be checking out Verizon's hiring practices. It works.

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