Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 punk rock ways to pack light!

With increasing requirements by airlines, most people are forced to find ways to pack light in order to avoid extra baggage or weight fees. In my travels both on tour and for vacations, I've developed very punk rock methods that anyone can use to travel with the utmost efficiency.

5. Layer! Most punks will wear multiple layers of clothing. Not only is this a fashion statement, but it's practical! The more clothes you're wearing, the less you have to pack!

4. Don't own a lot. Hey, if you don't got much, you wont pack much. Or at least you wont feel bad about bringing everything you own.

3. The hoodie/pillow! When you lay down, take of your sweatshirt, roll it up, stick it under your head. When you wake up, unroll your sweatshirt, put it on.

2. Do your own laundry! Instead of packing a week's worth of socks, pack two pairs of socks and wash the pair you aren't wearing in any available sink. Wear one pair while the other pair dries, switch and repeat.

1. If you can't carry it, don't take it. This is definitely the most important point... I often see people at airports struggling to move their 4 bags from one area to the next. PROBLEM! If it's too much for you to carry, than it's too much for you to bring. There's a reason punks wear backpacks!

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