Sunday, January 10, 2010

The search for the perfect jacket

Yesterday we went shopping. Now everyone is probably thinking "Why are you doing so much shopping?" Let me tell you.

We are in search of the perfect jacket. From what I can tell, Japan is a very fashion concious place (or at least greater Tokyo) and colors tend to be a major part of trends. Well, this season is a purple season. Not only is it a purple season, but it is a purple puffy jacket season. Not only is it a purple puffy jacket season, but it is a purple puffy jacket with a faux fur trimmed hood season. We have been all over Tokyo several times in search of the perfect jacket for Laura and Melissa.

Now, you think since it's so fashionable, and literally every other person we see is wearing a similar jacket, it would be easy to find. Oh no my friend, this jacket is the Holy Grail. The theory I hold is that this jacket was all bought up in September and October, leaving a major scarcity now halfway through January. As of late we have found several jackets that fit the criteria, but they have ranged in price from 5000 to 9000 yen; about $55 to $95.

So, if you know where we can get such a jacket, let me know... my feet hurt.

P.S. The other night Melissa took us into this store:

and I looked like this:

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