Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What are you falling in love with?

I'm not going to lie, college was hard for me. Not hard as in: "Oh, this class is really difficult I may not pass." More accurately, my college years were really hard for me. Full of imploding relationships, personal tragedies, beyond-unforseen circumstances, and... oh yes, SCHOOL. The last five years of my life have taught me to believe no one, scoff at hope, and love nothing.
But in the months following my graduation in May, life has gotten a little bit brighter. More time with family, more time with friends, more time traveling, more time staying in; most importantly though, I'm falling in love again.

I am falling in love with MUSIC. For the past 10 years, music has been my primary source of income, whether I'm playing, teaching, or on the road teching or managing, music is been my livlihood. Now, there is a certain danger in make your art you profession and turning your passion into a job--it tends to turn stale, changing from something you love and can't wait to do, to something you've been doing all day long. That's what happened to me.

Ironically, the best thing that's happened in this past year was getting fired (and wrongfully so) from a music store where I taught piano and keyboards. Teaching music was no long something I was stuck doing all day! I could now choose the students I taught, and once again do it in the comfort in my own home (where my mother and sister often bake treat for my students.) I can once again enjoy the light in a child's eyes when something just clicks.

The real light at the end of the tunnel is I'm beginning to play again. I have time to schedule daily practicing, working on getting back to the skill level that I worked years to attain. I'm beginning to write again, and I'm extremely happy with what is coming. I want to play every instrument I own, I want to join 540 bands, I want to make records, I want to play in front of people, with people, even in an empty room with headphones. I'm head over heels.

So, what are you falling in love with?


  1. Really super inspiring. And really glad to hear it. Thanks, bro.

  2. Hey man, your passion is really inspiring. Keep that fire burning. Rock on Garth.

  3. After reading this again I realize that I still love it, and you've gotta proofread your blogs. Or send 'em to me, I'll handle it. Haha keep gettin' down, brah.