Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some of the amazing food I've been eating!

Okay, so I've been kinda lagging in showing pictures of the incredible food I've been eating. So here's the food blog!

Last week we went to this tiny little eel place here in Yoga. I think the entire shop was about the size of large hallway. Why is it always the smallest places that have the best food? I could barely fit into the chair squeezed over near the little kitchen.

I've had eel in sushi, but never just a fillet in a bowl before. I was amazed by how tender and delicious it was! It was that melt in your mouth type of sensation. The eel bowl was served with a very strong hot green tea, a small dish of pickled vegetables, and a hot miso broth to end the meal. Happiness in for 900 yen.

After a long arduous day of shopping this weekend we stopped of in a little part of the Sunshine City mall called "Gyoza City." Basically it was a bunch of little gyoza stands. Now I'm not particularly a big fan of gyoza, they taste too much like potstickers and I really don't like potstickers. THESE GYOZAS WERE DELICIOUS! Kinda expensive, I spent 450 yen on 5 little baby gyozas. Put a little but of spicy oil and some soy sauces and devoured those little pieces of sunshine. The little shop we went to had

a notebook on the bar for patrons to write little notes in. Glancing through the notebook there were messages in many different languages, and several drawings from children. Over all a great place that made me love gyoza.

Yesterday while on our way to Ueno to visit the Western Art Museum, Laura and I stopped in Shibuya for some okonomiyaki. I've never had this Japanese dish before, and Laura had only bought it from street vendors in Osaka, so when we were seated at this restaurant with a griddle in the middle of our table we were both a little confused. Thankfully, the waiter was very helpful and Laura was able to negotiate an english menu. She ordered a seafood mix, and I got garlic chicken. The waiter brought us little bowls of raw food with an egg on top. After kinda looking at these bowls for a while, Laura looked at the waiter and he noticed how helpless we were, telling us to mix it up. Then he poured our bowls on the hot griddle.

The nice waiter helped us flip our food, top with sauce, and we dug in! I was really impressed, it was almost like an omelet. The batter was thick and the vegetables and chicken were cooked but still soft. I honestly was a little concerned about the chicken being cooked enough, but haven't had any problems so far :)

So, I'll stop here and continue the food blog tomorrow!


  1. we could make this! (Okonomiyaki)

  2. nice !!! it wouldn't be the same !!! What a food adventure !